WATCH: Corbett Wants Liquor Reform So Women Can Make Dinner Faster

August 27, 2014 | By Matthew Churchwell

Tom Corbett recently made ridiculous comments stating that he thinks women should support liquor privatization so they can make dinner faster. His comments have started to attract national and local media. Check out the coverage -- and watch the video for yourself:

Talking Points Memo: Gov. Corbett: Reform Liquor Laws So It's Easier For Women To Make Dinner

"Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett (R) thinks his state should reform its liquor laws. That way, he argued, women would have an easier job making dinner."

Huffington Post: Tom Corbett Makes Sexist Remark While Trying To Appeal To Women

"Apparently, only women make dinner, according to Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett (R). Corbett, speaking on a local TV program last month, claimed women would support his proposal to reform his state's liquor laws because it would save time while preparing dinner."

Philadelphia Magazine: Corbett: Women Want Liquor Law Reform So They Can Speed Up Dinner Prep 

"And, hey, here's a quote from last month: 'I think a lot of people want to be able to walk into a grocery store, particularly, a lot of the women, want to go and buy a bottle of wine for dinner, go down, buy a 6 pack or two 6 packs, buy dinner and go home rather than what I described as 3 stops in Pennsylvania.' The clip, from an episode of The Sam Lesante Show in late July, was posted to YouTube Tuesday by Fresh Start PA, a Democratic political PAC working to elect Tom Wolf and other Dem candidates this year."

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