Featured Candidate: Dottie Miller, House District 53

September 16, 2014 | By Krystal Bonner

53rd House district candidate Dottie Miller knows that changing Harrisburg means changing the kind of people we send there. In the state House, she pledges to stand up for the issues that matter to Montgomery County residents.

"As a Hatfield Township resident for over 35 years, I know now is the time to enact sensible solutions to the problems in Harrisburg. I want to bring a fresh perspective to the state House to not only make a difference in our community, but to also stand up for our values."

Dottie decided to run for the 53rd district to restore the voice of every people to Harrisburg. Like her neighbors, Dottie was frustrated by Harrisburg Republicans' focus on cutting education, restricting women's rights, and protecting special interests.

Dottie is especially angered by Governor Corbett and his allies' $1 billion cuts to public education. As a product of Philadelphia and Abington public schools and the first in her family to finish college, Dottie strongly believes in the power of education. And with a new grandchild, she worries about his future as well as the futures of all of Pennsylvania's children if the state continues to make cuts to its education system.

"My teachers provided me with the training and support I needed to succeed. I find it sad that Tom Corbett and my opponent Bob Godshall supported cutting education and giving the Marcellus Shale industry a tax holiday while the property taxes of working families and the elderly grew to make up the difference."

In her professional life, Dottie serves as president of the Local 1937 Office and Professional Employees International Union and is a laboratory services coordinator for a local pharmaceutical company. She also teaches as an adjunct professor at Gwynedd Mercy University and is a member of the Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee representing Montgomery County.

"I've seen the daily toll Corbett's failed policies have taken on working Pennsylvanians as they try to earn a living wage, take care of their children and their parents, and hang on to their jobs. I've dedicated a good portion of my professional life to advocating for the members of my union, and now I am ready to step up and do the same as a public servant."

In the state House, Dottie will stand up for issues that matter to 53rd district residents, and she'll make sure her constituents always have access to her as their representative.

"So many working families, veterans, and seniors are struggling, and their concerns need to be heard in the Capitol from someone willing to listen to them. If elected, I will have a schedule for constituents to air their concerns with me face to face. Our elected officials should represent the people, not the special interests."

Katie McGinty, Campaign for a Fresh Start chairwoman, praised Dottie's dedication to upholding the values that matter to the 53rd district:

"Changing Harrisburg starts with electing representatives like Dottie who will bring a fresh perspective to the state House. Unlike the current Republican regime, Dottie is dedicated to listening to and advocating on behalf of Montgomery County residents. And unlike Governor Corbett and his allies, she'll stand up for Pennsylvania families, workers, and women."

Dottie lives in Hatfield Township with her husband of 35 years, Bob, a retired union electrician and former Air Force Reserves service member. Together they have a grown son and daughter-in-law, as well as one grandchild, Luca Joseph.

You can read more about Dottie at her website, http://www.votedottiemiller.com.

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