Featured Candidate: Gina Kiley, House District 142

October 09, 2014 | By Krystal Bonner

Lifelong Democrat and Bucks County native Gina Kiley is running for the 142nd House district to accomplish the people's business in Harrisburg.

"We deserve more than what our current Assembly has provided. I will bring a fresh perspective and aggressive work ethic to protect working families and improve the lives of 142nd district residents."

Gina is a litigation attorney by trade and serves as the vice chair of the Bucks County Bar Association Women Lawyers Division. As the proud product of Pennsylvania public schools, Gina received a quality education that provided her with the foundation to fulfill her dream of becoming an attorney. In Harrisburg, she'll fight to restore fair funding for public schools so all Pennsylvania children can receive the same quality education to support their career goals.

"Pennsylvania schools have lost $1 billion in recent years because of Republicans' budget cuts, and Pennsylvania's state funding for public schools is among the lowest in the nation. I will fight to ensure the education budget is no longer on the chopping block and to place a priority on investing in the future of Pennsylvania's children."

In order to finance funding priorities like public education and protecting the environment, Gina supports a modest extraction tax and safety regulation measures for Marcellus Shale drilling.

"Natural gas development can provide significant benefits to Pennsylvania in the form of jobs and revenue. However, any development of Pennsylvania's natural gas resources must be regulated and be subject to a modest tax -- just like all other major gas-producing states already impose."

In addition to her work as a litigation lawyer, Gina volunteers her time assisting victims of domestic violence obtain protection orders and also helps first-responders and their spouses obtain estate planning documents with the Wills for Heroes organization. Running for the state House has given Gina the opportunity to listen to the concerns of families and seniors in the Bucks County community.

"We are building grassroots support throughout the district by talking about real concerns affecting Pennsylvanians like ending Republicans' education cuts, lowering property taxes, and making sure natural gas drillers pay their fair share. People in the 142nd are desperate for leadership that will legislate changes that positively impact the quality of their lives."

Campaign for a Fresh Start Chairwoman Katie McGinty is excited to endorse Gina in her race for the 142nd House district:

"The people of the 142nd are fired up about bringing change to Harrisburg, and Gina is the type of leader than can get things done for the people of Bucks County. Through smart legislative action to refund public education, lower property taxes, and protect the environment, Gina will bring her tireless work ethic and a commitment to improving the lives of 142nd district residents to Harrisburg."

On the campaign trail, Gina has talked to hundreds of voters and is energized by their stories and passion for a fresh start in Bucks County.

"I want voters to know that if I am elected, I will carry their stories and concerns to Harrisburg and will be a powerful advocate as their 142nd district representative. We need a change in leadership in Harrisburg, and I'm excited to bring a fresh perspective to the state House."

Gina lives in Highland Park, Middletown Township with her husband Brian and their son Leo. You can read more about Gina at her website, http://www.ginakiley.com.

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