Featured Candidate: Kelly Jean McEntee, House District 105

October 17, 2014 | By Katie McGinty, Chairwoman

Kelly Jean McEntee is challenging Republican Ron Marsico to represent Pennsylvania's 105th state house district -- encompassing the Dauphin County townships of Lower Paxton, West Hanover, and South Hanover -- to bring a fresh voice to Harrisburg.

"Pennsylvanians deserve a General Assembly composed of active citizen advocates who can identify with them, champion their causes, and speak on their behalf with passion and purpose. My qualifications and life experiences give me a unique perspective for all-inclusive representation in our General Assembly."

If you ask Kelly what her priorities as a candidate are, she'll tell you the biggest challenges facing Pennsylvania today are infrastructure, education, and health care. Kelly's background in engineering makes her uniquely qualified to address the many infrastructure problems facing Pennsylvania.

"Currently there are few, if any, engineers serving in our state government who can make informed decisions on infrastructure and quality control. My expertise lies in problem solving, improving processes, interacting with people, and providing practical solutions."

In addition to her work in engineering, Kelly is a volunteer legislative advocate for mental health and suicide prevention in Pennsylvania. The work she and other volunteers did on this issue proved key to the passage of House Bill 1559, which provides for youth suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention in schools. Kelly also serves as vice president of the Linglestown Area Civic Association, a local community organization, in addition to her active campaign for state representative.

Kelly is spending every spare moment knocking on the doors of constituents, -- as she has been doing faithfully for many months -- connecting one-on-one with voters, and listening to district residents' concerns.

"I work full time and am canvassing at lunch, after work, and all weekend to greet voters personally. We also have amazing volunteers in our district that have made thousands of phone calls and knocked on thousands of doors."

Kelly is also proud to run as a woman in a state with so few female representatives.

"The Pennsylvania General Assembly is less that 20% female and desperately needs balance and diversity. Qualified women in our legislature will bring a more inclusive dynamic, a vast improvement in open communication, and a willingness to work together. People are realizing the need for more balance. It's time."

Pennsylvania's 105th district deserves a representative like Kelly who will serve residents with fairness and dedication. If there ever was a year to replace a 26-year Republican incumbent in this district, this is it. Kelly will bring an array of life experiences and perspectives to Harrisburg, as well as a tireless work ethic. She is the fresh voice and the fresh start that Pennsylvania's 105th district needs.

Kelly looks forward to the opportunity to serve as a new voice for the 105th district if she is elected in November:

"In the 105th district, residents are yearning for new ideas and solutions that will improve Pennsylvania's economy, schools, infrastructure, environment, and health care. I am ready to stand up and fight for all people, and they are more than ready for new, genuine representation."

Kelly is a proud Dauphin County resident and resides with her spouse, Angela Dicks, in Linglestown. They have two young adult sons who live in the Harrisburg area.

Read more about Kelly at her website: http://www.votemcentee.com

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