WATCH: It's a shame what Governor Corbett has done to Pennsylvania

July 15, 2014 | By Mike Mikus, Senior Strategist

It's a shame what Governor Corbett has done to Pennsylvania -- plunging our state into a $1.4 billion deficit, sinking us to 49th in job creation, and burdening seniors and families with soaring property taxes.

What's worse is knowing the deal Corbett cut to get us here.

Instead of funding public education and keeping his promise to make Pennsylvania number one in job creation, Corbett cut a billion dollars from schools while giving oil and gas companies a free ride.

We need voters across Pennsylvania to know about Governor Corbett's failed record, and that's why I'm asking you to watch and share our first ad:

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Pennsylvania remains the only state that does not charge an extraction tax to fund key priorities that help build a secure middle class, like public education.

And now Corbett is using millions from big oil and gas on ads in a desperate attempt to whitewash his failed record with the hope that it gives him another four years.

Don't let that happen -- take a moment to share our first ad with your friends to help hold Corbett accountable and to help give Pennsylvania a fresh start.

Thank you.

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