WATCH: Corbett's Failed Policies Forced Pennsylvania to Borrow $1.5 Billion

September 19, 2014 | By Mike Mikus, Senior Strategist

Earlier this week, Tom Corbett's administration was forced to borrow $1.5 billion to pay the government's bills. Corbett's failed economic policies have led to the unprecedented action of borrowing from the Treasury just two months into the fiscal year.

Tom Corbett talks a big talk about fiscal responsibility. In his 2010 inaugural address, Corbett promised, "I will dedicate each and every day over the next four years to fiscal discipline and a responsible, limited government." But in reality, his failed fiscal policies and mismanaged budgets have bankrupt Pennsylvania, drove the state to the bottom in job creation, and resulted in repeated credit downgrades.

Tom Corbett's policies have failed working Pennsylvanians, and now the state has to borrow $1.5 billion just to keep the lights on. Whether it is his $1 billion cuts to public education or his reckless fiscal policies that force us to borrow money to pay bills, Tom Corbett has been a disaster for Pennsylvania. While other states' economies are flourishing, Tom Corbett's administration has put Pennsylvania's economic future in danger.

Watch how Tom Corbett's policies have damaged Pennsylvania's fiscal health:

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