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Tom Corbett & Rand Paul: RIP Education Funding

October 31, 2014 | By Campaign for a Fresh Start

Governor Tom Corbett will be appearing with Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) at a luncheon in Chambersburg today, where we can surmise that they'll bond over their hair-raising ideas about cutting education funding. Since Corbett cut public education by $1 billion, it's fitting that Senator Paul -- who proposed a budget that would have cut federal public education funding by $80 billion and eliminated the United States Department of Education – would be appearing with the governor.


McGinty: Corbett Must Act to Protect Women’s Health Care

October 30, 2014 | By Campaign for a Fresh Start

Campaign for a Fresh Start Chairwoman Katie McGinty today released a statement today calling on Governor Tom Corbett to apply for an extension of the waiver that permits Pennsylvania to operate SelectPlan, a program that provides health and family planning services to more than 90,000 low-income women in Pennsylvania. Without action from Governor Corbett, the waiver is set to expire at the end of the year. The program, designed to lower health costs with preventative care, covers reproductive healthcare needs -- including breast and cervical cancer screenings -- for women with incomes below 214 percent of the federal poverty line.


Corbett's Politically Connected Recipient of $2.5 Million Taxpayer-Funded Grant Owes State $184,953 in Unpaid Taxes

October 30, 2014 | By Campaign for a Fresh Start

The Tribune-Review today revealed that the recipient of a $2.5 million taxpayer-funded state grant provided by Governor Tom Corbett owes Pennsylvania more than $200,000 in unpaid taxes. Michael Dolan, the owner of said grant recipient company Island Studios, is a Corbett donor and comes from a politically connected family. Yesterday, it was reported that the Sto-Rox and Pittsburgh School districts have filed liens against Island Studios for unpaid taxes.


Tom Corbett Gives $2.5 Million Grant To Company That Has $300k in Outstanding Debt and Owner with Lengthy Arrest Record

October 29, 2014 | By Campaign for a Fresh Start

Yesterday, it was revealed that Tom Corbett gave a $2.5 million grant, funded by Pennsylvania taxpayers, to a donor's company that owes about $295,000 in taxes and liens. Island Studios, a company personally chosen by Tom Corbett to receive the taxpayer-funded $2.5 million, has 244 tax liens and judgments against them, including $100,000 in real estate taxes owed to the Pittsburgh and Sto-Rox Public School Districts.


Corbett Needs To Quit Wasting Taxpayer Funds And Release Dumaresq Emails

October 28, 2014 | By Campaign for a Fresh Start

The Campaign for a Fresh Start today called on Tom Corbett's Department of Education to quit wasting taxpayer resources by fighting a Right-to-Know Request submitted by two Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reporters seeking Secretary Carolyn Dumaresq's emails "as they pertain to the performance of her duties" since her appointment. The request for emails was submitted after Dumaresq said that it was department policy to "delete and cleanse" emails daily rather than retain them as public records.


NEW Video Catches Corbett Lying About His Support for Forced Ultrasound Bill

October 21, 2014 | By Campaign for a Fresh Start

Governor Tom Corbett today was caught lying about his support for controversial legislation that would have forced women seeking to get an abortion to undergo a mandatory ultrasound even though it is medically unnecessary. Corbett made the denial despite repeatedly offering support for the legislation known as the "Right to Know and See Act" in the past.


Thanks to Corbett, PA’s Economy is Growing One Quarter As Fast As Rest of Nation

October 20, 2014 | By Campaign for a Fresh Start

Tom Corbett's policies continue to hold Pennsylvania's economy back. Over the weekend, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that the rate of job growth in Pennsylvania has been just a quarter of the rate of the rest of the nation over the past year, according to Guhan Venkatu, an economist with the Federal Reserve Bank in Cleveland. Jobs in Pennsylvania have grown at a rate of just 0.6% over the past year, while jobs have grown at a rate of 2.0% nationally.


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