Corbett’s Fiscal Rhetoric Doesn’t Match PA’s Fiscal Reality

September 17, 2014 | By Campaign for a Fresh Start

Governor Needs to Explain How He Created Mess That Led to State Borrowing $1.5 Billion

Philadelphia, PA – When Tom Corbett first ran for governor, he promised that his administration would be disciplined and responsible when it came to fiscal matters. Unfortunately for Pennsylvanians, the lofty rhetoric of his inaugural address never matched the reality of his failed policies, which have now led to the state borrowing $1.5 billion just two months into the fiscal year in order to pay its bills.

In his inaugural address in 2010, Corbett pledged to govern in a fiscally responsible way, promising "I will dedicate each and every day over the next four years to fiscal discipline and a responsible, limited government." Needless to say, he's come up short on this promise.

"Tom Corbett promised a fiscally responsible administration, but his rhetoric never matched the reality. As a result, Pennsylvania is broke and is borrowing $1.5 billion just to pay the bills," said Campaign for a Fresh Start Spokesman Mike Mikus. "Tom Corbett's needs to explain why his policies require the commonwealth to borrow $1.5 billion just two months into the fiscal year. How long has he known that that money would need to be borrowed just to pay the bills? Why did he not see this coming when signed the budget just two months ago? If he did see the need to borrow money when he signed the budget, why did he hide it from the people of Pennsylvania?"

It was announced on Monday that the Corbett Administration was extended a $1.5 billion line of credit by the state treasurer to cover operating expenses due to Corbett's reckless fiscal policies.

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