Tom Corbett & Rand Paul: RIP Education Funding

October 31, 2014 | By Campaign for a Fresh Start

Corbett Cut $1 Billion from Education, Paul's Budget Would Have Cut Education by $80 Billion, Eliminated Department of Education

Philadelphia, PA – Governor Tom Corbett will be appearing with Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) at a luncheon in Chambersburg today, where we can surmise that they'll bond over their hair-raising ideas about cutting education funding. Since Corbett cut public education by $1 billion, it's fitting that Senator Paul -- who proposed a budget that would have cut federal public education funding by $80 billion and eliminated the United States Department of Education – would be appearing with the governor.

"Rand Paul is the perfect surrogate for Tom Corbett because they both support hollowing out public education," Campaign for a Fresh Start Spokesman Mike Mikus said. "Rand Paul tried to cut education funding at the national level -- and even wanted to eliminate the U.S. Department of Education -- just like Tom Corbett cut $1 billion from our public schools here in Pennsylvania. Corbett's cuts have been a nightmare for Pennsylvania, leading to 27,000 educator layoffs and higher property taxes for the middle class."

Corbett and Paul also share an apathy for growing class sizes. Paul has openly scoffed at the idea that class size matter to the quality of education even though it has been shown that larger class sizes make it more difficult for students to learn. Corbett's billion-dollar cuts have led to larger class sizes in schools across Pennsylvania.

"Tom Corbett and Rand Paul are probably going to be high-fiving each other about their mutual attempts to defund public education at their luncheon today, but Pennsylvania voters are shaking their heads," Mikus said. "Tom Corbett and Rand Paul's ideas about public education are downright frightening, and that's why Pennsylvanians are voting to end the Corbett nightmare on November 4."

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