GOP House Candidate Sonia Stopperich Campaigns on Public Dime, Blocks Attempts at Transparency

October 28, 2014 | By Campaign for a Fresh Start

Philadelphia, PA – The Campaign for a Fresh Start today called on North Strabane Township to release all public records pertaining to Supervisor Sonia Stopperich's improper use of township resources to benefit her campaign for the 48th House District.

It was reported in February that Stopperich's candidacy announcement was sent from a North Strabane Township computer using a government email account. Documents obtained through a subsequent Right-to-Know request showed that Stopperich's boyfriend, Greg Sulc, used township computers to help run campaign operations. Then, Stopperich's campaign openly listed her township-owned cell phone for RSVP purposes for a campaign fundraiser.

"There is clear evidence that Sonia Stopperich has used government resources to advance her campaign, and the taxpayers of the 48th House District have a right to know just how far she went with these illegal activities," Fresh Start Spokesman Mike Mikus said. "North Strabane Township owes it to their residents to be transparent as it relates to Supervisor Stopperich's use of taxpayer resources to benefit her campaign, and they must release all documents pertaining to Stopperich's improper activity immediately."

Multiple Right-to-Know requests made to shed light on any other possibly illegal activity which may have taken place in the furtherance of Stopperich's campaign have hereto been ignored by the township. These RTKs requests have included emails exchanged with Republican Majority Leader Mike Turzai, the House Republican Campaign Committee, and any other party or campaign officials using public resources. The Commonwealth's Open Records Office has already ruled in favor of releasing these documents, but township officials continue to stall.

"It's time for North Strabane Township officials to stop wasting taxpayer money by blocking legitimate requests for information," Mikus said. "If the records in their possession prove that Ms. Stopperich did nothing wrong, then why haven't they been released? North Strabane Township needs to release these documents which will show the extent to which Ms. Stopperich misused taxpayer resources."

Click here to see screen shots of Sonia Stopperich and Greg Sulc's misuse of government resources.

Click here to see the Open Records Office's order to North Strabane Township to release relevant documents.

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