NEW Video Catches Corbett Lying About His Support for Forced Ultrasound Bill

October 21, 2014 | By Campaign for a Fresh Start

WATCH: When Asked If He Still Supports Legislation, Corbett Says "I Never Did."

Philadelphia, PA – Governor Tom Corbett today was caught lying about his support for controversial legislation that would have forced women seeking to get an abortion to undergo a mandatory ultrasound even though it is medically unnecessary. Corbett made the denial despite repeatedly offering support for the legislation known as the "Right to Know and See Act" in the past.

When leaving the Bellevue in Philadelphia today, Corbett was asked if he still supported the ultrasound bill. He lied when he said, "I never did. I didn’t sign the bill."

"Tom Corbett knows that his support for forced ultrasounds is incredibly unpopular with Pennsylvania women, so he is lying about his position," Campaign for a Fresh Start Chairwoman Katie McGinty said. "Tom Corbett repeatedly proclaimed his support for the forced ultrasound in 2012, even outrageously saying that women who don’t like the procedure can just close their eyes. His strange denial that he ever supported this legislation shows that Tom Corbett is either being incredibly deceptive or he is out of touch with reality."

Watch Tom Corbett lie about his support for forced ultrasound legislation.

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