Mike Stack

Candidate for Lieutenant Governor

Senator Mike Stack has a history of public service that stretches across three generations.

Senator Stack's grandfather, Michael was an Irish immigrant, who eventually became a U.S. Congressman during the FDR administration -- during which time he helped to pass some of the most important legislation in our nation's history, from the very first minimum wage to the establishment of social security.

A voice for workers rights, Congressman Stack passed this legacy down to his son the late Michael Stack Jr. who was an attorney, author, college and law professor, public servant, and Democratic Ward Leader. Mike's mother, began her career as a teacher. She later served as a member of the Philadelphia Board of Education -- she eventually attended law school and was later elected Judge of the Municipal Court.

With this legacy resting on his shoulders Mike graduated from LaSalle University and Villanova School of Law, after which joining his father's law firm where he focused on representing injured workers.

In 2000, Mike won election to the Northeast Philadelphia district in which he was raised.

During his second term, Mike enlisted in the Pennsylvania National Guard -- continuing in the Stack family's legacy of public service. After basic training, Mike was assigned to Pennsylvania's 56th Stryker Brigade. Today he spends one weekend a month serving as a Judge Advocate General (JAG) prosecutor in Division Headquarters of the Pennsylvania National Guard.

Mike Stack brings a variety of skills, experience and passion to Pennsylvania politics. He is quick witted, and a creative thinker stemming from his days as a stand up comic and theatre actor. Mike is a card carrying member of the Screen Actors Guild -- laying the foundation for his non-equity theatre work with the Footlighters and King of Prussia Players. This experience also led to some small film roles, such as his 2009 appearance in the net series, Finders Keepers.

As the Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor, Mike is thrilled be working alongside Tom Wolf to help give Pennsylvania a fresh start. Both candidates have a proven record of fighting for everyday people and will continue to do so in Harrisburg if elected.

Mike is uncle to 10 nieces and nephews. Mike and his wife Tonya live in the Somerton section of Northeast Philadelphia.